Nature Murals Painted on Houses in Berkeley and Oakland

Murals painted Berkeley and Oakland houses

Murals on walls inside houses has been a time-honored tradition through the ages. In Berkeley, the murals adorning the walls of  Pauline Kael’s house in Berkeley became legend.

More rare is seeing murals, or little “spot” paintings, on the exterior of houses. There’s nothing I love more than seeing houses that reflect the passions and personalities of the home owners.

Here are a few murals painted on houses in Rockridge and Berkeley. (Do you know of a house mural that should be featured?)

If you love the creativity and passion in murals like I do, check out Oakland’s vast street murals all over the city. Touring public art murals is a great way to get to know neighborhoods in Oakland! Berkeley has also embarked on a community mural chronicling local stories.

Education mural on Donut Savant in Oakland

Oakland has so many incredible murals, you can take a mural tour of Oakland. Here is just one, promoting education, painted on the delicious Donut Savant.

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