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Selling your home or investment property in Rockridge, Berkeley and beyond can seem like a stressful thing. Especially if you don't live locally or have lived there for decades.  Look to Susie Wyshak's team to help you achieve your goals to maximize your bottomline and plan your move to something new.

Let’s Plan an Ideal Home Sale Strategy

Whether you are leaving the Berkeley home you have lived in for decades or striving to sell a Rockridge house you bought recently to update and flip, you have a specific goals in mind — the sale price, the sale timeline, and the sale terms.

You may also be wondering what's next...or "if I do sell, where would I go?" (I ask myself the same!) Connecting those dots to clarify, explore options, and help you reach your goals — and ONLY your goals — is what you can count on with 

Susie Wyshak, a REALTOR®, Cal Bear, expert marketer, and Rockridge home owner will help you reach the right buyers to meet your net sales goals, on your timeline, as well as downsize and upgrade, get ready to sell, and move on to your next spot.

Get a No-Obligation Home Sale  Consultation

Full-service selling experience

My proprietary Property Selling System was developed and has evolved over the past years to provide my clients with a consistent and proven method to:

Susie Wyshak, real estate agent

Prepare your property for sale in the shortest period possible.

Susie Wyshak, real estate agent

Price your property, based on current market conditions.

Susie Wyshak, real estate agent

Get it sold quickly at the highest price possible.

Update Your House — Without Upfront Expenses

Homes are rarely ready to put on the market as-is. Sometimes it’s just a little TLC that can help future buyers visualize themselves in the home.

This might be fresh, neutral paint to replace outdated wallpaper or updated flooring that sets the house apart from the one down the street.

Perhaps you would like to fix items from the pre-listing home inspection (which is always a good idea!). Taking care of those items will make your property to buyers looking for that move-in ready gem.

Thanks to Compass Concierge your house can shine — with no upfront costs, and you pay only when your home sells (or if you fall in love with it again and decide to keep it). 

Ask me about Compass Concierge and our innovative home selling strategies.


How much does it cost to update my house before selling?

Just like any remodeling, the cost of updating depends on the repairs and upgrades made.

In collaboration with your listing agent Susie Wyshak, you decide which home upgrades to make that will have the biggest impact on price at the lowest cost. This is usually flooring and paint improvements as well as landscaping and others.

What types of updates will help my house sell for more?

It’s remarkable what even a good window cleaning can do to make a brilliant impression on buyers (and their agents).

Depending on the condition of your property, our team might suggest updates in areas such as: 

  • Flooring Replacement/Repair 
  • Carpet Cleaning / Replacement 
  • Deep-Cleaning
    Cosmetic Renovations 
  • Landscaping 
  • Interior and Exterior Painting 
  • Roofing Repairs 
  • Kitchen Improvements from Countertops to Cabinets 
  • Bathroom Improvements and Updates 

The team can also help with staging. Staging has been proven to have a huge return on investment, as it helps buyers imagine what it will be like living in their new home.

What if I don’t want to leave after my house is gorgeous and fixed up?

Believe me, you are not the first to ask this question. You might have been selling to move into a more modern place. Suddenly your old house is a sexy new home!

Good news: Of course you can stay in your house after it’s updated. As you might have guessed, the fix ups won’t be free. You’ll just have to pay for them much as you would paid a contractor to work on your house. 

NEXT STEPS: Get in touch with Susie for details on how the program works and other ways we work with you to maximize your home sale price.

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