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“Susie is a real estate rockstar! My husband and I were first-time home buyers. We met Susie by chance while viewing a house in Berkely. We were impressed with Susie's knowledge and attentiveness, and we truly appreciated her expertise in guiding us through the buying process. Beyond her expertise, Susie is honest, and she truly cares about our needs and prioritizes our interests throughout the search. She is very patient, hardworking and extremely reliable. She tirelessly helped us to navigate the Bay Area's housing market and never gave up in helping us to find our perfect home within budget. Thank you, Susie. You are amazing!”

“Susie is the best. She collaborated with my wife and I for more than two years to find a house in the Bay Area. She hunted high and low for something that would fulfill our needs and fit our budget, in a housing market that had every challenge. She remained engaged and is always engaging. We said no to everything. She got more ingenious at every turn, steadfastly refusing to be boxed in. We met her here, there and everywhere, day and night. In the end, for reasons that had nothing to do with the Bay Area's housing market, we looked into moving out of state. You would think that would have ended Susie's role. After all, she's based in Oakland. Nope. Susie found and vetted another great agent, tracked our progress, and was there to congratulate us when we closed on our dream house 500 miles away from where we had been looking. If there's another agent - or person - like Susie, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them. But one is more than enough and, to recapitulate, Susie is the best.”

“Agent Susie is a miracle worker aka real estate super agent for the bay area and beyond! Susie invested time and careful attention to really get to know our needs, dreams, wants and aspirations of home ownership, as well as our limits - and then created a working document for us to review, modify during the process. She collaboratively crafted a plan to meet those needs, and stayed with us every step of the way. She kept in close touch with us re: open houses (what we liked/disliked and any changes to our wants and needs). She met us day and night for solo showings. When we could not find a home within our budget, Susie generated ideas and options re: financing, interest rate buy downs, income-producing property and other ways to make our dreams a reality. When we decided that the bay just would not work for our budget even with Susie's creative and thoughtful ideas, Susie kept us under her angel wings. She interviewed real estate agents outside of California and connected us with another realtor in Oregon who was a very good fit and who helped us seal the deal with minimal effort as we knew what we wanted. Susie stayed with us through the end, answering our questions about paperwork, insurance, financing, loans, drainage, retaining walls, and negotiating tips that helped us get an awesome dining set and pool table along with our new house. I recommend Susie wholeheartedly and will forever be grateful for her knowledge, enthusiasm and tenacity. Super Agent Susie!”

“Susie trusted me to help her clients and friends with their home purchase in our area. She was AMAZING! From the beginning she took the time to facilitate a zoom meeting so we could all meet one another and throughout the entire process she kept in touch and stayed involved. It was a pleasure working with her and I look forward to the next opportunity to do so again!”

“Susie's exceptional service deserves the highest praise! Over 525 days of house hunting across the Bay Area, her unique blend of quirkiness, patience, and professionalism transformed a potentially stressful process into an enjoyable journey. She never rushed us, always listened to our needs, and provided expert advice. Her humor and personal touch made the experience memorable. She was impressively knowledgeable, well-prepared, and meticulous in handling every aspect of our real estate transaction. To anyone seeking a patient and exceptional realtor who turns the house-hunting adventure into a delightful experience, we absolutely recommend Susie. Thanks to her unwavering dedication, we found our dream home.”

“Susie is kind, honest, warm, direct, savvy, plugged-in, sharp -- all the things you'd want in a real estate agent. Truly lovely to work with. I'd absolutely recommend her to anyone.”

“Susie has been lovely to work with, every step of the way. She's patient, deeply knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and hard working. Somehow she's always able to keep our needs and preferences in mind, even over a long, slow process of house looking. We highly recommend her!”

“We recently bought in East Bay with Susie. It was a ~2 year journey but we made it, all thanks to Susie. Susie is incredibly patient, knowledgeable and hard working. Shes a master of her craft! In this 2 year journey, never once did she push us to reconsider our price range, and simply worked with our goals. She even went above and beyond with making videos tours of some properties which we couldn't visit due to the commute. She know so much about East Bay, and what she doesn't know, she's not afraid to find out, even if that required knocking on doors. She was always on time, in fact ready to view before us. It is very very rare to find someone like her in the real estate market, someone who is not pushy to up your price bracket, or close on just any property. She feels like a true partner who heard our goals and limitations and worked with us to find a home. We will be recommending her to all our friends.”

“Susie is the best! I've worked with several real estate agents over the years, and I have to say Susie is the most personable, easy-to-work-with agent. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Susie is a lovely person and I highly recommend her all around.”

“If you're looking for a real estate agent who is knowledgeable, professional, and approachable, look no further than Susie Wyshak! My partner, Jacob, and I had the pleasure of working with Susie to purchase our first home in Alameda, CA, and we couldn't be happier with the experience. Susie made the entire process stress-free and enjoyable. She was always available to answer our endless questions (seriously, we had a lot of questions), and she was proactive in keeping us informed every step of the way. For first time homebuyers, this was exactly what we were looking for. But here's the best part: Susie is not just an expert in real estate, she's also a master of gift-giving. Not only did she help us find the perfect home, but she also gave us lovely housewarming gifts. The key lime tree and some Tiki Glasses totally match our new backyard's tropical motif! Who does that?! Susie, that's who. We can't recommend Susie enough. If you want an agent who is not only great at her job but also fun to be around, Susie is your gal. Thank you, Susie, for helping us find our dream home and for being an all-around awesome human!”

Zillow Reviews

“Where do I get started, first me and my husband highly recommend working with Susie. She is insightful, energetic, creative, a listener, adaptable, openminded, and a great real estate partner. We have worked with her in purchasing and selling and she is always willing to talk and help us strategize. She embraces new ideas and technology and really wants to help you achieve your goals in purchasing and selling. She goes above and beyond and we are so grateful to have worked with Susie!”

San Francisco Home Seller - Alameda Buyer

“Susie is super responsive and will at a moments notice work behind the scenes you access to a property. Highly recommend! Susie was able to figure out exactly what the seller was hoping for in order to get a deal done. We were able to get the home for below market which is critical as we hope to renovate and use as an investment property/flip.”

Alameda Home Buyer

“Susie is the best!! She was thorough and professional and great to work with. She kept us apprised about available appointments and always let us know as soon as a new one came on the market. She was honest and forthright- no games. In addition to this she was always available to answer our questions, is absolutely wonderful to work with. It’s like having a friend on the “inside” that is working for you. She really care about her clients. Made buying a house such a breeze!! We are new to home buying, Susie is a combinational of professional and personal! She never made me feel uncomfortable and helped me every step of the way! I would 100 % recommend Susie to anyone looking to do any Real Estate transaction.”

Alameda Home Buyer

“Susie was a pleasure to work with. We always felt that she had our best interests at heart and was more focused on making sure we were comfortable and happy with our home purchase than she was about just making a sale. We often drew upon her knowledge, and she was always quick to answer our questions no matter how obscure they may have been. If she didn’t know the answer to our question outright, she was quick to research and get us the information, so we felt she was available to us at any time. She was very understanding and accommodating of our busy work and travel schedules and was happy to meet us at odd hours to view prospective houses. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional and helpful realtor to have worked with and would highly recommend Susie to anyone.”

San Leandro

“Working with Susie has been an absolute delight! She is incredibly passionate, dedicated, and genuinely invested in helping you find your perfect home. She takes the time to really listen & get to know her clients, she guides and supports you through the process without being pushy or overbearing, and her response time is superhuman! Anytime I emailed or texted, Susie got back to me within 10 minutes! My husband and I began working with Susie in August, and we finally found and closed on our new home in November. Susie hung in there with us every step of the way. She even came over with a thoughtful housewarming gift and celebrated with us the day we got the keys. Just the other day, we received a lovely holiday card wishing us a “cozy joyful first winter in our new home.” We are truly grateful to have had Susie in our corner throughout this journey. She’s an absolute pro, and I would recommend her to anyone I know.”

Fairfield Home Buyer

“Susie shared so much insight on the areas we were looking at and we were moving from Arizona and she was super helpful! She also gave us amazing advice and showed us homes video video which was great!!”

Alameda Home Buyer

“(Negotiation Skills Rating N/A because I had not been ready to make any offers on homes. We were in the looking stage only). Susie is such a kind and friendly and knowledgeable agent! She showed up with organized papers, emailed me helpful information about mortgage rates and estimate calculators, and her suggested list of other homes to check out were spot-on to my taste. She's very organized and has great follow through, which is so great given how time-sensitive responses are in the SF Bay Area market. Her communication is clear and detailed. She's also a great teacher if you're new to home buying and all the steps involved. She explained things patiently and in detail and made sure all my questions were answered. She also finds such beautiful homes!!!”

San Leandro Home Buyer

“Susie is super responsive and knowledgeable, and it was due to her due diligence that got me my first home in such a competitive market. We looked at many homes but I made one offer only and it was a done deal. Thank you, Susie!”

Oakland Home Buyer

“Before Susie was a realtor we strolled through the neighborhoods, searching out houses that she had researched. She knew which architect, which design, which era. She would stop and talk with contractors and workers doing remodeling. She was, and is, incredibly interested in the design, construction, and commerce of real estate in the East Bay, a passion that has carried her into the work of being a realtor--and a successful one! I would trust her with any real estate related inquiry, acquisition, or sale. She has myriad connections in the community. She laughs and smiles though daily coffee on the avenue, meeting people, continuing to make connections. She is the grounded in the community and always makes sound recommendations.”

Oakland Home Seller

“Susie helped me when I needed advice about how to get my rural house ready to sell. Her out-of-the-box thinking was especially useful when I was figuring out how I wanted to price the house, and how to reach buyers, as my property is a little unusual. She understands what buyers find important in terms of fixing up a house. Overall she has been a great resource, as her knowledge extends beyond a typical agent's. Would highly recommend as a seller's or buyer's agent.”

Oregon Home Seller