Avoid This Remodeling Mistake When Tearing Down Walls

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Home improvement website Houzz surveyed released a 2024 survey of home improvements home owners are making this year. #1 on the list is a “return to open spaces.”

“Creating separation naturally became more popular during the COVID pandemic, with only 38% of homeowners opening up their kitchens to other interior spaces in 2022 versus 53% in 2019. But now we’re seeing a gradual shift back to the open concept: 40% of homeowners went this route in 2023, and 43% are doing or planning to do so in 2024.”

If you’re thinking of tearing down walls in your house to have the kitchen flow out to the living room, keep one thing in mind. The thing home buyers ask the moment they walk into an open floorplan home is: Where will the TV go?

It’s incredible how many times that question has come up as I helped home buyers on their house hunt. Sometimes the answer is “I guess it could go above the fireplace.” Sometimes the bewildered home buyers come up with other ideas such as using a basement for the TV room.

So before you tear those walls down, think about where you — and future buyers — might put the TV. We might aspire to not watch TV but reality is we are streaming more than ever!

Follow the link for more 2024 home renovation trends from Houzz.

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