The Unlikely Real Estate Agent


Her winding road led to helping you find your home.

Beverly Hills or Berkeley? For California native Susie Wyshak, 90210 had nothing on 94705.

Susie landed at UC Berkeley and never looked back: our weather, nature, local food, coffee, and people! 

Post-college, Susie marketed properties at Berkeley’s pioneering Mason McDuffie real estate company (with no vision that her calling was as a REALTOR® and member the California Association of Realtors (CAR) and National Association of Realtors (NAR)!) 

With an MBA in hand, the lure of Silicon Valley innovation led Susie to ground-breaking tech companies solving big problems. (Remember Netscape?) 

Whether a client or partner, you’ll enjoy Susie’s knack for ideas and “connecting the dots,” skills honed in producer, product manager, and project manager roles.For real estate clients, that means being well informed, knowing what to expect, with a focus on the end: the joyous “closing day!” (Ask Susie for the 1-page home buying process flowchart!).

Her values of MAKING MONEY WORK FOR US INSTEAD OF WORKING FOR MONEY came from Suze Orman. This concept led Susie to buy a light-fixer duplex in Rockridge…well before “house hacking” became a thing. The money is hard at work; You’re sure to hear thoughts on money-making properties and pitfalls to avoid.

Hands-On Help From Hands-On Experiences

Susie loves nothing more than tapping into her local knowledge and connections to bring clients a vast network of potential buyers and sellers (potentially off-market), as well as contractors, home improvement resources, and ideas of where to move to next. 

Clients benefit from Susie’s real-life experiences such as these:

Test-driving life across the Bay Area — from the Los Altos Hills to San Leandro — insights that help introduce clients from across the Bay (or across the world) to our beautiful East Bay neighborhoods.

Updating light-fixer houses in Oakland, for real-life knowledge of what fixes are “easy,” juicy opportunities, and big problems a property may present. 

A long-time Airbnb Superhost in Oakland and Maine, Susie is happy to share her vacation rental investment property experience to help buyers evaluate properties and navigate the transaction process, including 1031 Exchanges. 

Like many people who experience family loss, Susie knows what it’s like to inherit too much stuff and struggle with downsizing. Ask Susie for help and thoughts on how to process grief by donating and selling stuff in a meaningful way.

Other tidbits: Susie speaks Spanish, worked at Rockridge Market Hall, has written several books related to food, actively participates in Toastmasters (in English, that is), supports local food, culture and entrepreneurial projects, and embarks on world travel with family and friends whenever possible.

Let’s start connecting the dots and get started on your goals! Get in touch at (510) 390-9884 or send an email.