Oakland & Berkeley Garden Gate, Arbor and Fence Ideas

front gate

When it came time to plan a new garden fence and gate for the front of my Rockridge home, I did something better than look on Pinterest: Look around Berkeley and Oakland neighborhoods!

Arbors are an especially charming and welcoming feature of brown shingle and Craftsman East Bay homes. If you’re planning on building one, using an existing design to show your builder can speed up the estimating and building process.


Simple craftsman wood fence gate and arbor in Berkeley

I watched this wooden fence, gate and arbor being built in front of a vintage shingled Berkeley home a couple of years ago. Doesn’t it look like it’s been there forever? This simple design would accent a variety of home exterior styles and is built to handle lots of foliage growth…as you can see!

charming arbor front wood fence

Japanese craftsman style wood garden gate

This beautiful Japanese-inspired garden gate would match any architectural style. It offers privacy along with classic Craftsman elements.

streamlined horizontal wood slate garden gate in Rockridge

The horizontal wood slat fence and gate trend offers a modern and timeless accent to houses both new and old. This example of a simply constructed gate and fence is a good example of a more affordable gate style that could be used on a driveway or on a front garden. The wood slats can easily be built more closely together for more privacy. A keypad lock could also add more security to the gate if desired.

black iron garden gate - Claremont Rockridge Oakland Mediterranean home

This simple, timeless wrought iron gate on a home in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood provides a barrier to just anyone walking up the front steps in a style that fits any style of home, Mediterranean, modern or even Craftsman.

Rockridge fence to block intruders but show off the garden

This front garden fence in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland caught my eye for its simplicity. Measuring about 5 feet tall, the wire fence held up by wood posts will allow flowering vines to weave through. A locked gate on the front and side of the fence makes it easy for the residents to access the garden and for pets to play outside while not entirely blocking views from the street. This style of light weight garden fence would go with any style of architecture.

Japanese redwood style front garden fence and arbor

Beautiful Japanese / Craftsman style redwood fence and gate topped with an arbor matches the Craftsman style home, with a stepped down construction that follows the slope of the hill. This type of redwood fence is expensive but well worth the investment in curb appeal.

beautiful arbor gate and fence in Berkeley

This type of low wood gate and a substantial wood arbor welcomes you into the garden of this Rockridge home. This type of sturdy arbor construction is perfect for grape vines, honeysuckle or whatever your preferred flowering vines to frame a charming, lush entrance. Notice how the vines penetrate the arbor with an organic style. This type of arbor and fence would beautifully accent bungalow, Craftsman, Mediterranean homes.  The only caveat as you can see is that because the slats are far apart, you can easily see within.

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