East Bay Tops Redfin’s Top 10 Competitive California Cities For Home Buying – September 2022

Walnut Creek is the hottest California housing market in September 2022

How hot is Walnut Creek in September 2022?

Ask the seller of a fixer upper priced at more than $1 million. (And ask me if you’re interested…it’s a full 4 bedrooms.)

Redfin ranked Walnut Creek at the top of its “Top 10 Most Competitive Cities in California” in September 22.

And 7 of the top 10 cities are in the East Bay — all of them on the BART line for easy access to San Francisco and other points around the Bay!

Click the links to search for homes — and ask me to set up a custom home search as well as fill you in on the best places to live for you.

  1. Walnut Creek, CA — A beautiful formerly “small town” with fantastic restaurants, schools, proximity to nature…everything you would want. Plus lots of companies are headquartered in Walnut Creek or nearby towns like San Ramon.
  2. Alameda, CA (everyone is moving to Alameda from SF — as have 3 of my buyers recently. Ask me about the diverse neighborhoods, variety of interesting housing from classic Craftsman homes, to waterfront townhomes ready for you to dip into the bay with your paddle board, and vibrant condos near craft breweries and even a Pottery Barn outlet. Oh, and the schools have epic ratings.)Is Alameda unaffordable? As of today there’s a studio-sized single-family cottage priced at $525K! (See my amateur video below.)
  3. Berkeley, CA – Hey this Cal grad has no comment on why Berkeley is always a competitive and smart place to live and invest. OK I can’t help commenting: First, Berkeley has tens of thousands of students and an ongoing housing shortage for undergrads and grad students not to mention professors. Then there’s a biotech corridor nearby, perfect weather, and so much to do culturally and outdoors. Check out Visit Berkeley, and let’s get coffee at the original Peet’s!
  4. Fremont, CA (ranked the best place IN THE UNITED STATES for families in 2022). So close to all parts of the Bay, especially Silicon Valley, along with great schools, food and family-friendly activities as well as a skate park.
  5. San Leandro, CA…LOVE San Leandro — and it’s finally been discovered for its weather, beautiful homes, and central location between Berkeley, San Francisco and Silicon Valley along the BART line. That’s why I lived there many years ago and why my clients love the house they bought near downtown.
  6. Clovis, CA
  7. Visalia, CA
  8. Concord, CA (a bargain mecca for lovers of Eichler-style / Mid-Century Modern homes, on a BART line)
  9. Hayward, CA Sandwiched between San Leandro, Castro Valley, and Fremont is Hayward, a city with wonderful large home lots and affordable real estate, a low-key vibe, great weather, and a location near everything.
  10. La Mesa, CA

I’m surprised this popular East Bay city is not on the top 10 list…

A year ago, or maybe even a few months ago, Castro Valley surely would have made this list.

Located near San Leandro and highways for commuting in every direction as well as BART — and top notch schools — buyers flocked from Silicon Valley to Castro Valley to stop renting and buy affordable houses (relative to Silicon Valley prices anyway).

Real estate prices shot up in Castro Valley. As of September 2022, there’s a lot more on the market which perhaps explains why Castro Valley is less competitive.

Still, with a vast nature preserve for hiking and a charming small town feel, it’s yet another great place to live in the East Bay.


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