Oakland Real Estate School with Keller Williams and Kaplan

keller williams real estate school

Getting my real estate license and joining Keller Williams in Oakland are some of the best decisions I have ever made.

I only wish the Keller Williams School of Real Estate had existed when I got my license!

Why? Because training, mentorship and coaching are key to the Keller Williams mission and culture. Keller Williams is known for being one of the biggest training organizations in the world, across industries.

From the moment I became a real estate agent at KW Advisors in California — a group that owns many of the most successful Keller Williams offices — I had a huge support network:

  • a very experienced real estate agent became my real estate mentor. She has been there with any questions, script practice, scenarios, negotations, and anything else I have needed help with.

    Susie in her happy coffee place

    Let’s have coffee and talk real estate business! Being a REALTOR® doesn’t only mean selling houses. You can be a commercial real estate agent, be a part-time REALTOR®, support other agents, or something else.

  • a legal team who guides me on any legal pitfalls
  • broker to review my offers and provide whatever guidance I need
  • a team-orientation that connects me with experienced, helpful agents as well as newer real estate agents for support and who I can support as well
  • “productivity coaching” which got me on the track of goal setting and confidence building to get my business started

In partnership with Kaplan, the Keller Williams Real Estate School is sure to set future real estate agents on the path to success.

Check out Keller Williams Real Estate School — and get in touch to ask me any questions about becoming a real estate agent or joining the worldwide network of wonderful Keller Williams Realty agents.

I am happy to have coffee and share my experiences!

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