How a Renter Bought Her Perfect Home in San Leandro

first time home buyer success story east bay

Here’s a success story of a life-long renter who found and bought her perfect home, a condo.

My client had a perfect process for searching for houses and condos that led to a winning offer.

She knew exactly what her criteria were — the home had to:

  • be in an easy commute location,
  • easy to maintain,
  • friendly for dogs,
  • parks in the area for dogs,
  • a safe feeling,
  • in good condition,
  • have a decent commute to Silicon Valley
  • an enclosed garage…all at the right price.

This “must have” list was a hard challenge, even in a slower market that has led to more home inventory on the market.

She decided a condo or townhouse would be best. It had to have a low monthly HOA. Even harder to find!

Honestly, many townhouses and condo buildings have shared and / or open parking areas. That wasn’t OK. This narrowed the pool even more.

Through our collaboration – and obsessive searching for condos on the market – we found the perfect condo.

Searching for a home is not a project that can happen on the side…unless you trust your real estate agent to choose the perfect place for you. It’s important to be available to talk to your agent, watch a video or make an in-home person visit, and be sure that all your concerns are addressed.

We happily closed the deal and are enjoying celebrating.

As a congratulations gift, I bought her the top of the line Home Warranty which will make it very affordable to fix the inevitable repairs that come up.

This home buying transaction had its up and downs. In the end, happy client = happy agent! (A year later, she still calls it her dream home. Yay!)

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