California Home-Based Food Businesses Can Make Serious Income in 2022 and Beyond

Start a home based food business

States all across America have legalized home-based “cottage food” businesses that allow making and selling food from home — the perfect way to offset a mortgage and have the freedom and flexibility to work at home.

In 2022, California revisited the law and made serious improvements, allowing gross income, before expenses, of $75,000-$150,000 depending on the type of business. Read more about California’s home-based food business laws on my Foodstarter blog.

Each state has different rules as far as what you can make, where it needs to be made, how you can sell. is a great place to peruse each state’s laws.

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california home-based food businesses in 2022

Learn more about California’s 2 laws for home-based food product businesses and home-based meal businesses.


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