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Nurture Source Berkeley staging and renovation company

Working with staging companies and seeing the moving trucks load and unload staged furniture in front of a house for sale, I’ve wondered HOW DO THEY DO IT?

How do they juggle all of the home furnishings, the books, the jars with the ladles for the kitchens?

inside bay area staging company Nurture Source

So I was thrilled to get an inside look at how one East Bay staging and renovation company Nurture Source to see how they keep everything in order.

When you see an East Bay house staged by professional staging companies, you immediately wish your own house could look so good.

Staging companies have in mind who their decor will appeal to. They use smaller furniture pieces so rooms appear more spacious. Together, it’s a good case for minimal and beautiful living in our own homes!

Nurture Source has its home base in West Berkeley. They’re in a really cool old warehouse, near Donkey & Goat Winery. White-washed high ceilings and skylights from days past enhance the company’s reputation as design experts.

Nurture Source staging company has a greenhouse

The warehouse is organized into departments, much like the warehouse of a home goods store.

It’s great food for thought about how to organize a storage area at home! Grouping together like objects is the key to not buying more and more, and wondering where that old stuff went.

By the way, those gigantic white seal statues inspired a new life goal — I want to own a house by the ocean that has those seal statues on the deck overlooking the water. Or, I would like to be the Realtor for someone else selling such a house so we could stage it with those incredible seals. You read it here first!

This Nurture Source greenhouse is where they cultivate live plants for their staging.

To keep costs down, and for ease, most home staging companies use artificial plants. It is a big deal to have someone come to a house for sale and keep plants watered. Especially in a slower market when homes aren’t flying off the shelf.

Nurture Source only uses live plants to stage houses in Berkeley and Oakland — so they have a greenhouse.

The company has a reputation for being on the high end of staging. We can see why!

Staging is in the top 3 strategies for appealing to the most buyers.

It’s easy to want to skip the expense of staging when selling a house. Honestly, the price of staging makes you think “I could have bought all that furniture for that price.”

Even so, the houses that garner the most offers are always the houses that have been professionally staged.

Ask me for examples!


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