SuperViva Life Lists - a project by Susie Wyshak

i always wanted to do thatI always wanted to become a real estate agent and help people check off their home goals! Not really...but I had my own goals to own vacation rentals and make money work for me. 

Thanks to my life list, I am living the dream!

While my life list making website is no longer active, there's something better: ME! 

Wherever you are in the world, I would love to help you plan your real estate goals.

SuperViva = a great life

swim with dolphins - original art owned by Susie WyshakSuperViva was a website for people to make bucket lists (life goal lists), founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Susie Wyshak

 As the name says, Super Viva means living a great and happy life. 

The international domain is for sale

SUPERVIVA.COM is the perfect domain for:
lifestyle retail stores
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...and much more.

We have an archive of dozens of articles about living a great life as well as a database of thousands of ideas of things to do in your life.

Please contact us to inquire about buying this inspiring domain.

(We also have the superviva gmail email address.)